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Last year in 2019 the Festival arrived to Serbia. We can proudly say that it has reached its goal. We had participants from more than thirty countries from all over the world. At the same time, the Regio Earth still had its friendly atmosphere. 

Such as the first two REGIO EARTH Festivals, this Festival was also about teaching, networking, learning about each others' techniques, and in general, making a positive change regarding the issue of earth architecture. In 2019 the event was preceded by the two-day Balkán Earth Conference, where prestigious European lecturers presented their work: Hanno Burtscher (Austria), Léo Boulicot (Franche), Filipe Jorge (Portugal), Gernot Minke (Germany). Afterwards representatives of different Balkan countries introduced the situation of earth architecture of their countries. The conference was followed by the Festival, where different workshops and presentations could involve a large number of members. 

 The fact that participants and lecturers arrived from various countries, such as India, Argentina and Chile, and the number of guests was above one hundred, shows the significance of the event. 

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